Predictions NBA 2009/2010

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Il est temps que j'y aille de mon prono d'avant saison :




San Antonio
Golden State
Easy !
SuperBulls !
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9-New Jersey
15-New York
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-- Sam Dalembert a dit : Dav'Z ?

Message de DaV'z supprimé par martin baratino (Déplacé dans le bon topic)

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Mon prono:

Les Spurs champions.

Le reste n'a que très peu d'importance
Floliver Miller

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Ca sent la copie de post

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Dav'Z ?

Mon prono :

1. Cleveland
2. Orlando
3. Boston
4. Atlanta
5. Miami
6. Philadelphie
7. Chicago
8. Detroit
9. New York
10. Charlotte
11. Toronto
12. Washington
13. New Jersey
14. Indiana
15. Milwaukee
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Bon la saison approche, il est temps de faire des premiers petits pronos ... Donc voici mon pronostics pour le classement de la conference Est :

1. Cleveland
2. Orlando
3. Boston
4. Miami
5. Atlanta
6. Chicago
7. Philadelphie
8. Charlotte
9. Washington
10. Detroit
11. Toronto
12. New York
13. Milwaukee
14. Indiana
15. New Jersey

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Malgré que nous entrions de plein fouet dans cet €, les US s'en battent un peu les roupettes et ESPN finit de nous proposer leurs predicts, avec le Champion NBA 2010 :

1. Los Angeles Lakers avec 19 votes. (putin pas eux encore.... )

2. Cleveland Cavaliers avec 18 votes.

3. San Antonio Spurs avec 8 votes. (ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! )

4. Boston Celtics avec 5 votes.

5. Orlando Magic avec 3 votes.

Pour les détails de ces votes et les explications c'est ici
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-- Nicap's a dit : Summer Forecast: '09-10 West standings

10. Los Angeles Clippers : 33-49
12. Golden State Warriors : 31-51

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C'est précis ! Franchement autant demander à Elizabeth Teissier ce qu'elle en pense alors que nous sommes encore à deux mois de la reprise !
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En ce moment chat sur ESPN avec Pete Newman et il balance son prono pour les Finals 2010 : Celtics vs Lakers avec Boston gagnant en 6 games !
Intéressant !
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Summer Forecast: '09-10 West standings

1. Los Angeles Lakers : 62-20

Our forecasters say the champion Lakers will edge the Cavs for best record in the NBA and home court throughout the playoffs, which will come in handy if we get a Kobe-LeBron showdown. That's the only close race the Lakers will be in, according to our panel, which doesn't seem too worried about potential disruptions by Ron Artest.

2. San Antonio Spurs : 54-28

The aging Spurs appear to be back in business, though in fact they somehow managed 54 wins and the No. 3 seed last season before being bounced in Round 1. This time around, their hopes rest on a return to health by Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili and the additions of Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess and DeJuan Blair.

3. Portland Trail Blazers : 52-30

Can Portland become the proverbial "team nobody wants to face" in the Western Conference playoffs? Or are they ready for true contender status? Expectations are large, as are the variables: Can Greg Oden find himself? How will Andre Miller's go-go style mesh with the walk-it-up Blazers? And who's the starting point guard, anyway?

4. Denver Nuggets : 51-31

The Nuggets won't sneak up on anyone this year, and perhaps they won't need to. With largely the same roster as they had in May, Denver is counting on good health and the further development of Carmelo Anthony to stay among the West's best. If these predictions hold, they might get a playoff rematch with the Lakers.

5. Dallas Mavericks : 50-32

The Mavs had a topsy-turvy summer that, according to our panel, will leave them right where they were last season: 50-32, and in the middle of the pack. They brought back Jason Kidd and acquired Shawn Marion and Drew Gooden, but lost a battle of wits with Orlando for Brandon Bass and Marcin Gortat. Expect the moves to keep coming.

6. Utah Jazz : 47-35

Utah was a trendy name a year ago, but barely rates a mention now, for a couple of reasons: The team is coming off a disappointing season, and the Carlos Boozer situation is unresolved. But the Jazz still have a potent roster led by Deron Williams, and the dark-horse label seems to fit this team as well as any other in the West.

7. New Orleans Hornets : 47-35

It was a disappointing season in New Orleans, relative to the high expectations they started with, but they still won 49 games and they still have Chris Paul. The Hornets are another of the West's "if everything breaks right" contenders, as they need Julian Wright, Ike Diogu and Hilton Armstrong to do more to justify being lottery picks.

8. Phoenix Suns : 42-40

The Suns were a lottery team last season, but a good one, winning 46 despite a coaching change and an eye injury to Amare Stoudemire. Now Shaq's gone, and the speed game is back, led by Steve Nash. If Amare returns to full health, the Suns will light it up again. But will that be enough for more than 8th best in the West?

- Voici ceux qui seront en vacances mi-Avril d'après ces mêmes votants :

9. Houston Rockets : 37-45

The Rockets were a remarkable story last season, taking the Lakers to seven games without Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. Now Houston is in a transition year, as Yao appears out for the season and T-Mac's return is iffy. One thing does seem certain: The Rockets will scrap and claw and make every opponent's W well-earned.

10. Los Angeles Clippers : 33-49

Giddy Clippers fans might not appreciate this forecast, but keep in mind: A 33-49 record would be a 14-game leap, and L.A. has been such a disheveled franchise it's going to have to prove itself to our panel. That said, some see the Clips winning as many as 50 games, thanks in large part to the arrival of Blake Griffin.

11. Oklahoma City Thunder : 32-50

No West bandwagon is more crowded than OKC's, with our panel seeing the team that started 1-16 a year ago making the leap to mediocrity. Given the age of Kevin Durant (20), Russell Westbrook (20), Jeff Green (23) and newcomer James Harden (20), it's not hard to see what the excitement is about. But it will be hard to see them on TV.

12. Golden State Warriors : 31-51

Golden State celebrated its crowning as Team Turmoil with another heaping helping of controversy, as putative team leader Stephen Jackson reportedly asked to be traded to a good team. The talent of such youngsters as Monta Ellis and Anthony Randolph is undeniable, but clearly our panelists just do not trust the Warriors to pull it together.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves : 26-56

Minnesota's noisy offseason of trades, controversial draft picks, the firing of Kevin McHale, the hiring of Kurt Rambis and a failed bid to sign Ricky Rubio is likely to be followed by a quiet season on the hardwood. The immediate future is about getting Al Jefferson healthy and seeing what youngsters Kevin Love and Jonny Flynn can do.

14. Memphis Grizzlies : 25-57

The talent base is improving thanks to youngsters Rudy Gay, O.J. Mayo, Marc Gasol, Hasheem Thabeet and Mike Conley. However, the arrival of Zach Randolph, our pick for Worst Newcomer, means that chemistry will continue to be an issue in Memphis, which also has its sights set on the 34-year-old Allen Iverson. Go figure.

15. Sacramento Kings : 21-61

The Kings take the honors as the NBA's worst team, both in last season's standings and this season's projections. Reasons for optimism include a return to health for Kevin Martin and the arrival of Tyreke Evans, but even that is a bit troubling, as they might end up playing the same position. Expect another long year in Sac-Town.
M'Benga DPY 2012
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On connait tres bien la capacité de Diaw a se cacher derrière des joueurs qui aiment monopoliser la gonfle. A mon avis il redeviendrait le joueur ultra soft e peu impliqué qu'il était a la fin a Phoenix. Quant a Wallace je trouve ps quil ait un jeu en parfaite adéquation avec AI. Il a besoin d'espaces (comme beaucoup de types de son genre, hybrides 3-4 à la Jamion) et de la balle, de mouvement pour briller. Ce n'est pas un shooteur extraordinaire qui pourrait profiter des ressorties de balles d'AI ni un intérieur dominant qui pourra enfoncer la raquette grace aux espaces créés.

Bref, je trouve pas que ce soient des joueurs parfaits compléments pour AI.
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(Dieu vivant du forum)
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Diaw retournera à ses 12-14pts et Wallace autour de 15pts, je pense pas que ça plombera l'équipe

Je trouve que Diaw et Wallace sont de très bons compléments pour un bouffeur de balles gros scoreurs
M'Benga DPY 2012
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J'ai tres peur pour les rendements de Diaw et Wallace s'ils jouent aux cotés de AI.
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(Dieu vivant du forum)
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J'ai dit "avoir une chance de jouer les PO", pas la finale de conférence, ni même passer un tour, ni avoir une place assurée dans les 8

AI est exactement le joueur qui leur manque, un scoreur capable de planter tous les soirs ses 25/30pts. Si la sauce prend, ça peut faire un truc pas mal
M'Benga DPY 2012
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-- dreemtim a dit : --Après les bobcats, sans Okafor je vois pas comment ils pourraient faire mieux. Faudrait choper AI et là ils auraient une chance de jouer les PO --

Lady M
TP fan :)
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pour Washington j'attends avec impatience l'annonce de la blessure annuelle d'Arenas avant de me prononcer

mais bon on devrait pas trop attendre à la mi novembre on devrait être fixés
Pharaon XIII
Take it!
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-- Nicap's a dit : Que ca ne t'empêche pas de commenter ces quelques prévisions. Personne ne voit les Bobcats mieux que la saison dernière, malgré la perte d'Okafor ? --

A cause de la perte peut être surtout remplacé Justalley oop man!
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(Dieu vivant du forum)
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-- Nicap's a dit : Que ca ne t'empêche pas de commenter ces quelques prévisions. --

C'est l'est

Je m'en tamponne complètement, j'attends juste des shoots à la Harris et le finaliste NBA

Après les bobcats, sans Okafor je vois pas comment ils pourraient faire mieux. Faudrait choper AI et là ils auraient une chance de jouer les PO
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Que ca ne t'empêche pas de commenter ces quelques prévisions.

Personne ne voit les Bobcats mieux que la saison dernière, malgré la perte d'Okafor ?
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(Dieu vivant du forum)
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Oups, désolé
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Nope Dreem, les bilans marqués W 09 et L 09 sont ceux de l'an dernier et les Cavs avaient bien pété un 66-16 l'an dernier en SR !

Ce sont les bonnes prédictions pour les bilans !
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Je crois que tu t'es planté dans les bilans de chaque équipe, là tu donnes les bilans de l'an dernier alors que ESPN a donné aussi des bilans projetés pour l'année prochaine (genre 66 victoires pour les Cavs)
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Summer Forecast: '09-10 East standings

1. Cleveland Cavaliers : 61-21

Let's talk Shaq, the Big Caveat Emptor: He has won four titles, is on his fifth franchise and has been swept from the playoffs six times. Reborn in Phoenix, he led the Suns to exactly one playoff win in two seasons. So will he break up the Cavs with laughter or just break them up? Can't wait to find out. (Why only 61 wins? See note above.)

2. Boston Celtics : 57-25

Many think a healthy Kevin Garnett and a revitalized Rasheed Wallace will get the Celts back to the top. (See our East title picks on Thursday.) But KG's balky knee is unproven, and Sheed is a known coach killer who is coming off a lousy season and turns 35 this month. So some voters are still in wait-and-C mode.

3. Orlando Magic : 56-26

Orlando's magical run to the NBA Finals didn't make a believer out of everyone, and the sorta-swap of Hedo Turkoglu for Vince Carter got mixed reviews (here and here). But some like what they see, including a starting lineup that features four recent All-Stars, and expect big things again in O-Town.

4. Atlanta Hawks : 45-37

ESPN's panelists like the Hawks as the Beasts of the Rest in the East once again, expecting the additions of Jamal Crawford and Joe Smith to keep them in the No. 4 slot. If our Eastern Conference prognostications are accurate, the Hawks will again host the Miami Heat in Game 1 of Round 1 when the playoffs begin next April.

5. Miami Heat : 44-38

A year ago, our forecasters were all over the place in trying to guess where the 15-67 Heat would finish in '09. Now that they have seen a healthy Dwyane Wade take his team to a 43-39 finish and the No. 5 seed, our panelists expect more of the same as Miami bides its time until the summer of 2010.

6. Chicago Bulls : 43-39

Our voters have the Bulls winning as few as 30 games and as many as 55, and perhaps it comes down to what they think of reigning rookie of the year Derrick Rose, whose scintillating playoff performance was followed by a tumultuous summer. In any case, most of our panel is bullish on Chicago overall.

7. Philadelphia 76ers : 39-43

Our panel is hardly in love with Philly, but it still sees the 76ers squeaking into the playoffs (with an average prediction of 39.4 wins). File under "Best Guess," though, because no one knows exactly what the arrival of new coach Eddie Jordan, the return of post man Elton Brand and the departure of point guard Andre Miller really mean.

8. Washington Wizards : 39-43

To hopeful Wiz fans, the arrival of Flip Saunders, Randy Foye and Mike Miller along with an apparent return to health for Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood will make all the difference. But while our panel sees the Wiz as probable to make the playoffs (with an average prediction of 39.1 wins), it still doesn't see them as true contenders.

- D'après ESPN et leur panel de votants (insiders, editors etc... Plus de 50 votants quand même) voici donc les 8 qualifiés pour l'Eastern Conference avec une petite synthèse !

- Voici ceux qui seront en vacances mi-Avril d'après ces mêmes votants :

9. Toronto Raptors : 39-43

If you have to be cruel to be kind, then our panel is killing Toronto with kindness. After Monday's prediction that Chris Bosh would depart in 2010, now our forecasters have the Raptors missing the playoffs by 0.1 wins (with an average prediction of 39.0 wins). We'll see if the addition of Hedo Turkoglu is the tonic in Toronto.

10. Detroit Pistons : 38-44

Detroit fans are already defining success downward, and our panel says they have the right idea. If our forecast plays out, the Pistons will miss the playoffs for the first time in nine seasons, and will have a lottery pick to show for their hotly debated trade of Chauncey Billups and acquisitions of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva.

11. Charlotte Bobcats : 35-47

Michael Jordan's Bobcats are stuck in purgatory, according to our panel: too talented and well-coached to be terrible and get a high lottery pick, but not talented enough to make their first-ever playoff run. So what does all that mediocrity and a swap of Emeka Okafor for Tyson Chandler get you? Another 35-47 season.

12. Indiana Pacers : 33-49

For three straight seasons, the Pacers have been the East's best lottery team. Alas, our panel doesn't see their inglorious run of ninth-place finishes continuing, as Indiana looks like No. 12 material to ESPN's experts. The biggest issue seems to be a depleted talent base unreplenished since the Pacers' recent glory years.

13. New York Knicks : 32-50

It has been a strange offseason in New York, with doomed bids to sign 1995 co-rookies of the year Jason Kidd and Grant Hill, a field trip to witness Eddy Curry's waistline and endless negotiations with free agents David Lee, Nate Robinson and Ramon Sessions. The reason, of course, is the summer of 2010. In the meantime …

14. Milwaukee Bucks : 30-52

With questions about Michael Redd's knee, Andrew Bogut's back, Charlie Villanueva's replacement and the PG position, Milwaukee is one of the NBA's true mystery teams. Could coach Scott Skiles lead the Bucks to a surprise playoff run? Could they fall apart and lose 60 games? As the saying goes, that's why they play the games.

15. New Jersey Nets : 29-53

No franchise has more uncertainty about its future than the one that has traded away Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter in the past two years and made many false starts in its bid to get to Brooklyn. But the silver lining is the Nets have some good young talent and should have a high lottery pick and lots of 2010 cap space.
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ils vont un peu vite en besogne à espn.
chris paul avec son équipe au complet fera une énorme saison, je le sens (avec okafor en plus !!)
derrick rose, tout bon soit il, est encore jeune et est très loin du niveau de paul !!!!

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Chez ESPN il ne mise pas trop sur Chris Paul, selon eux le meilleur PG de la ligue la saison prochaine devrait être Derrick Rose
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Air1 a ses entrées chez ESPN

Ca claque sur un CV
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Predictions MVP saison :

1- LeBron 35 voix
2- KB 9 voix
3- D-Wade 6 voix

Autres votes :
Kevin Durant (1)
D.Howard (1)
D.Rose (1)
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Golden State dans le top 15 du meilleur recrutement ?
Ah ok le rédacteur est fan des W's, tout s'explique

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Cleveland 26 et Orlando 28, je trouve pourtant le recrutement de Cleveland interessant...
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Un classement des transferts réalisés par les équipes, de la meilleure à la pire

Meilleure : SA
Pire : D3

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Worst Newcomer :
1- Zach Randolph 12 voix

Toujours aussi sous coté le Zach
Moi je le vois plutôt faire des étincelles à Memphis à condition qu'il reste healthy
Et j'ajouterai Thabeet à cette liste
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-- Anonyme a dit : -- Quant aux worst, je pense à Charlie V et Ben Gordon (vu que Rip semble rester à DET) --

Tyson Chandler (2), Ben Gordon (2), Emeka Okafor (2), Charlie Villanueva (2), Allen Iverson (1), Dahntay Jones (1), Shawn Marion (1), Quentin Richardson (1), Ben Wallace (1), Paul Westphal -coach assistant (1)

Voila les autres joueurs à avoir reçu des voix pour les worst.

Blake Griffin (2), Emeka Okafor (2), Trevor Ariza (1), Jamal Crawford (1), Terrence Williams (1)

Et celle-ci est la suite des Best Newcomer !
Auteur anonymeRépondre – Auteur Anonyme
-- Anonyme a dit : Parmi les best newcomer, il est très étonnant de ne pas voir Courtney Lee dans la liste ... --

Foye et Okafor aussi !
Quant aux worst, je pense à Charlie V et Ben Gordon (vu que Rip semble rester à DET)
Auteur anonymeRépondre – Auteur Anonyme
Parmi les ROY, il faudra compter avec Tyreke Evans j'en mets ma main à couper (voire Jennings si Sessions se barre) ...

Parmi les best newcomer, il est très étonnant de ne pas voir Courtney Lee dans la liste ...

Enfin parmi les worst newcomer, je sens gros comme une maison que les Grizz vont faire les PO et que Zach va faire une grosse saison ...
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ESPN commence à proposer qques sujets Predictions NBA 09-10 avec, pour débuter, le rookie de l'année :

1- Blake Griffin 43 voix
2- James Harden 3 voix
3- Jonny Flynn 3 voix
4- Stephen Curry 2 voix

Best Newcomer :

1- Richard Jefferson 14 voix ( )
2- Shaq 8 voix
3- Ron Artest 6 voix
3- Vince Carter 6 voix
5- Shawn Marion 3 voix
5- Andre Miller 3 voix
5- Hedo Turkoglu 3 voix
5- Sheed Wallace 3 voix

Worst Newcomer :

1- Zach Randolph 12 voix ()
2- Ron Artest 6 voix
2- Sheed Wallace 6 voix
4- Trevor Ariza 4 voix
4- Shaq 4 voix
6- Vince Carter 3 voix
6- Hedo Turkoglu 3 voix

A partir du 1er Sept, standings de l'East et West, s'en suivra les EC Champions, et WC Champions, pour cloturer le 7 septembre par le potentiel Champion NBA !

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